Building the Foundation for North American Leadership in 6G and Beyond

What is the Next G Alliance?

The Next G Alliance is an initiative to advance North American wireless technology leadership over the next decade through private-sector-led efforts. With a strong emphasis on technology commercialization, the work will encompass the full lifecycle of research and development, manufacturing, standardization and market readiness.

2023 6GSymposium: Beyond the Hype

Two Next G Alliance leaders recently delivered keynote addresses at 6GWorld’s Fall 2023 6G Symposium: Managing Director Mike Nawrocki and Chair Yigal Elbaz.  

The Next G Alliance’s latest report takes readers on a journey through “A Day in the Life” of a family in 2035, exploring how next-gen technologies will revolutionize shopping, health care, travel, and education. From tailored experiences for every age group to the innovations driving them, discover the potential of 6G. Plus, learn about the essential standards ensuring seamless, secure, and efficient digital interactions.

Next G Alliance at the Forefront of Transformative 6G Initiatives

President Biden and Prime Minister Modi recognize the pivotal role of the Next G Alliance in driving global digital inclusion and secure telecommunications through advanced 5G and 6G technologies.

Beyond Speed: The Next G Alliance's Vision for 6G's Impact on Society and Economy

Beyond Speed defines specific social and economic outcomes to which Next G can contribute, key aspects of digital equity, defining a trustworthy 6G network and how Next G connectivity will directly impact economic growth. Challenges in areas including supply chain and equal access are addressed as well as those that may arise when defining QoL metrics. This paper also presents promising areas for future research and issues a call to action for research, development, policies and business models.

6GSymposium Fall 2023: Beyond the Hype

The ATIS Next G Alliance is a proud partner of the upcoming 6G Symposium “Beyond the Hype”, October 18-19 in Washington, DC.  Key themes include: 

  • Collaboration: Building A Better 6G For North America
  • Aligning 6G Roadmaps With Other Industries
  • Key Questions on Next-Gen Technologies

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6G: The Next Frontier of Innovation and Investment

Technology has become the epicenter of global competition and economic growth. 6G — the next generation of mobile technology — will define the international economic landscape for 2030 and beyond. 6G will be much more than a technology progression — it represents a unique opportunity to advance innovation breakthroughs that will reshape almost every industry and area of society.

Now is the time for government, industry, and academia to partner in making 2030 the North American decade of innovation, economic leadership, and societal advancement. The United States needs a strategy and commitment to investing in 6G today – we cannot afford to leave 6G leadership to others.

Next G Alliance Research Priorities

Public and private sector research coordinated with a vision of the future 6G marketplace is critical to achieving North American global leadership throughout the 6G development lifecycle. The Next G Alliance’s research priorities will act as a collective compass for North America’s 6G innovation platforms as well as the region’s technology landscape.

How can I participate?

Membership in the Next G Alliance is open to both ATIS members and non-members. Members shall support the mission and goals of the Next G Alliance. 

Click below to learn more about each membership category and to browse current members by type.

Working Groups

Next G Alliance Working Groups are developing the National Roadmap for 6G and Beyond and addressing all key and strategic areas essential to development of future generations of wireless technology.


Green G

National 6G Roadmap

Societal and Economic Needs



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