Building the Foundation for North American Leadership in 6G and Beyond

What is the Next G Alliance?

The Next G Alliance is an initiative to advance North American wireless technology leadership over the next decade through private-sector-led efforts. With a strong emphasis on technology commercialization, the work will encompass the full lifecycle of research and development, manufacturing, standardization and market readiness.

6G: The Next Frontier of Innovation and Investment

Technology has become the epicenter of global competition and economic growth. 6G — the next generation of mobile technology — will define the international economic landscape for 2030 and beyond. 6G will be much more than a technology progression — it represents a unique opportunity to advance innovation breakthroughs that will reshape almost every industry and area of society.

Now is the time for government, industry, and academia to partner in making 2030 the North American decade of innovation, economic leadership, and societal advancement. The United States needs a strategy and commitment to investing in 6G today – we cannot afford to leave 6G leadership to others.

Webinar: Exploring 6G's Impact on Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability

Discover the future of sustainable 6G with the Next G Alliance’s enlightening webinar on social, economic, and environmental sustainability in next-generation communication technologies. Explore key societal and economic outcomes necessary for 6G success, including digital equity, trust, sustainability, economic growth, and quality of life. Understand the essential environmental sustainability KPIs and their applicability to 6G ecosystem components, ensuring progress towards Net Zero.

As mobile communication networks and ICT technologies continue to revolutionize our world, 6G will further accelerate this transformation. Take this opportunity to learn about the integral role of environmental, economic, and societal sustainability in shaping the future of 6G and beyond. Watch the webinar now and gain valuable insights into building a better, more sustainable future with 6G technology.


New Reports on Sustainable 6G Connectivity and AI-Native Wireless Networks Map the 6G Future

The Next G Alliance (NGA) has released two new reports focusing on sustainable 6G connectivity and AI-native wireless networks, both of which are integral to the NGA’s mission. Sustainable 6G Connectivity: A Powerful Means of Doing Good  presents a holistic approach towards achieving a sustainable 6G system, covering the full environmental impact of the information and communications technology (ICT) sector. The report outlines a path towards a sustainable 6G system that spans the entire life cycle of ICT technologies. AI-Native Wireless Networks surveys the research and technology directions required to make the vision of an AI-native wireless network a reality, which is a major feature of the next generation wireless network. These white papers are part of a series of reports on the NGA’s Six Audacious Goals, which aim to prioritize North America’s contribution and leadership in 6G-related global standards, deployments, products, operations, and services.

6G Market Development: A North American Perspective

In 6G Market Development: A North American Perspective, the Next G Alliance outlines the strategic importance of 6G and the imperatives that will shape North America’s competitiveness, economy and global leadership.

It presents the context for NGA’s work and priorities, explaining how 6G is different compared to prior generations. It also provides insights into the 6G market, including prospects that will excite society and boost the digital economy.

Next G Alliance Releases Roadmap to 6G

Developed by ATIS’ Next G Alliance, the Roadmap to 6G presents a 6G vision for North America. Watch the  Roadmap launch event for insights from key experts on the region’s wireless future. Speakers include the Next G Alliance leadership, developers of the Roadmap to 6G.

Next G Alliance Research Priorities

Public and private sector research coordinated with a vision of the future 6G marketplace is critical to achieving North American global leadership throughout the 6G development lifecycle. The Next G Alliance’s research priorities will act as a collective compass for North America’s 6G innovation platforms as well as the region’s technology landscape.

How can I participate?

Membership in the Next G Alliance is open to both ATIS members and non-members. Members shall support the mission and goals of the Next G Alliance. 

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Working Groups

Next G Alliance Working Groups are developing the National Roadmap for 6G and Beyond and addressing all key and strategic areas essential to development of future generations of wireless technology.


Green G

National 6G Roadmap

Societal and Economic Needs



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