6G Summit 
April 26, 2023 | Berlin, Germany 
NGA Green G Committee Vice Chair Micaela Giuhat will participate on the Developing a More Sustainable Future with 6G  panel, taking place on April 26th at the 6G Summit in Berlin, co-located with Open RAN World. The panel will address the lessons learned from previous network generations and provide an overview of the future potential 5G/6G applications toward sustainable development growth. For more information, click here.

The 6G Summit at the Big 5G Event
May 15-17, 2023 | Austin Convention Center | Austin, TX
The Next G Alliance is proud to partner with Informa Tech to present the 3rd Annual 6G Summit taking place on May 15th at the Austin Convention Center.  The 6G Summit is co-located within the Big 5G Event, attracting 1,500+ attendees from service providers, enterprises, technology vendors, industry associations and academia. The 6G Summit agenda covers an array of topics, including enterprise expectation and applications for 6G, models for public-private partnerships, sustainability, spectrum for 6G, international presentations and more. ATIS members receive a 20% discount with the code ATIS20 until March 24.
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IEEE International Conference on Communications
May 28-June 1, 2023 | Rome, Italy
Sarah LaSelva (Keysight Technologies) will represent the Next G Alliance’s Green G Working Group at the IEEE International Conference on Communications 2023, taking place in Rome, Italy on May 28-June 1. Her presentation is entitled NGA: Green G Working Group’s Vision for a Sustainable 6G. For more information, click here.