Next G Alliance Working Groups


— Addressing the 6G-related application needs that will drive innovation and development for consumers, enterprises and verticals in a Next G world.

The Next G Alliance  is exploring new opportunities that are anticipated to arise from 6G applications. This will help organizations in North America plan for changes in market and technology dynamics. The use cases behind these applications and markets can be summarized into four foundational areas:

  1. Living: How to improve the quality of everyday living
  2. Experience: How to improve the quality of experience in areas such as entertainment, learning and healthcare
  3. Critical: How to improve the quality of critical roles in sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, public safety
  4. Societal Goals: How to attain and improve on high-level societal goals


6G Applications in the Spotlight

Immersive Interactive Sport – Drone Racing

Ever since the first World Drone Prix held in Dubai in 2016, Drone racing continues receiving the attention in the interactive sport world. Drone racing, using 5G and 6G systems as the carrier, creates an ultra-realistic interactive racing sport. It supports multiple pilots with an immersive viewing environment sharing the virtual representations of the controlled objects in the real world.

6G systems, with the peak data rate at Tera-bps range, much lower latency and offering new network compute fabrics, are expected to help the industry by enabling a full 3D imaging transmission with the throughputs at multi-Giga-bps range.  Moreover, since AI will be part of the new 6G systems to support both network reliability and help allocate the resources related to drone control intelligently, the MTP latency will be greatly reduced and result in a superior end user experience in space maneuvering and realize an exciting ultra-realistic interactive drone racing scenarios.


  • Ki-Dong Lee (LG Electronics), Chair
  • John Macias (Verizon), Vice Chair
  • Mitch Tseng (ITRI), Vice Chair
  • Carroll Gray-Preston (ATIS)