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Green G

— Minimizing the environmental impact of future generations of wireless technology.

The mission of the NGA Green G working group is to position North America as the global leader in environmental sustainability by creating a sustainable 6G ecosystem and enabling other industries to reduce greenhouse gases and energy consumption, limit land and water use, and move towards circular economy. 

The Green G working group exists to: 

  • Drive environmental sustainability in 6G systems through collaboration across the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector and other industries 
  • Aggregate information from across the ICT sector and beyond to educate our industry, other industries, and consumers  
  • Enable other industries to be more sustainable by using wireless technology 

The NGA Green G working group is made up of people across North America from a wide range of companies in the ICT industry as well as academia. We are brought together by a shared passion to make the world a greener, more sustainable place for generations to come. 

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After its launch in early 2021, the Green G Working Group issued its first white paper, Green G: The Path Toward Sustainable 6G, that examines the status of sustainability in ICT, identifies gaps, and proposes research initiatives. A second white paper was released in March 2023, 6G Sustainability KPI Assessment Introduction and Gap Analysis, that provides an overview of available Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the ICT industry and their applicability to 6G ecosystem components. Following the release of the KPI white paper, the group will release 6G ecosystem component papers around Radio Access Network (RAN), Core Network (CN), cloud and edge data centers, end user communications devices, and supply chain and manufacturing. Please join us to contribute. Stay tuned for more updates.


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  • Bhushan Joshi (Ericsson), Chair
  • Ralf Bendlin (AT&T), Vice Chair
  • Gagandeep Bhatti (Nokia), Vice Chair
  • Ian Deakin (ATIS)


Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability in 6G

Green G: The Path Towards Sustainable 6G

6G Sustainability KPI Assessment Introduction and Gap Analysis 

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