Next G Alliance Working Groups


— Defining the specific technologies needed to fulfill the vision in the National 6G Roadmap.

The Technology Working Group will address the key technologies comprising the National 6G Roadmap’s technology layer. These include new air interfaces, network architectures, spectrum access, x-haul, trust/privacy/security platforms, 6G Mobile-Network-Cloud fabric and sensing technologies. Coordinating with the Next G Alliance Policy Committee, the Technology Working Group will engage with government agencies to initiate or expand upon development of critical Next G technologies; approach common stakeholder groups on how to fund them; and identify critical areas not yet addressed in promoting North American Next G leadership.


  • Tingfang Ji (Qualcomm), Chair
  • Sharad Sambhwani (Apple) , Vice Chair
  • Stephen Hayes (Ericsson), Vice Chair
  • Mike Nawrocki (ATIS)


Next G Alliance Report: 6G Technologies (Report)